Work matters

Being out of work is a major risk to health. It is associated with an increased incidence of depression, anxiety, mortality and suicide. Health can deteriorate significantly the longer someone is out of work.

We work with

clients from a variety of vocational backgrounds, including professional, skilled, semi-skilled and manual work.

As part of your rehabilitation one of our occupational therapists will come and talk to you about your current and past work, and your hopes for the future. We can work closely with your employer to find the best solution to suit your needs.

Benefits of going back to work:

  • Symptom management
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • Development of social identity and role
  • Normalisation of activities and participation
  • Improved social functioning
  • Better quality of life
  • Social inclusion

Harm of not working:

  • Loss of fitness
  • Physical and mental deterioration
  • Poor health
  • Psychological distress and depression
  • Loss of work related attitudes and habits
  • Increased suicide
  • Poverty
  • Social exclusion

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