Please find below testimonials from some of our clients with whom we have worked…

 You have given me the confidence to return to work and I feel so much better within myself.

“Many thanks again for all you’ve done to get me so much fitter & happier. I think you’ve worked wonders to organise these wonderful ‘services’ to get me on the road to recovery.”

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you one final time for all your help & support during a very difficult period for me, and those close to me. I’m not sure where I would have been had you not taken control of the situation… thank you for all you did for me, I can never thank you enough for helping me through the situation I was in. I will be forever grateful to you.”

“Thanks for all your help so far, our chats on the phone have always left me more optimistic about things and have helped spur me on when I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish about the situation I found myself in.”

“Thank you very much for all the work and support you have given over the last couple of years, you have been an amazing guide through the whole process.”

“To say I am impressed would be an understatement. Thank you so much. This must be a real boost for our client who has been so down for such a long time and you appear to have thrown him the lifeline that he needs. I am grateful for the update and look forward to receiving more in the future.”

“We’d both like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks for all your help and support. There’s no doubt in our minds as to just how instrumental you’ve been in so much of [client’s] progress, least of all for the referral to [OT], and there’s no question he wouldn’t have come as far as he’s done without you.”

“I now have the feeling that I’m being looked after and properly treated for my ongoing symptoms and depression!!! I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for me, you have given me a glimmer light at the end of this long and dark tunnel I have been in and I am excited to start the healing process and have a renewed sense of hope. I know and understand this may take some time, but I am determined to get back to full strength and back to some form of employment as soon as possible.”

“I have tremendous admiration for [client] and for the very thorough and supportive assistance that you have given her. You truly have left no stone unturned.”

“I have been very happy over the past three weeks [since OT intervention started] and it is all down to the intervention of you [OT]….You seem to be the only one interested in helping me.”

“I would like it noted that the support I have received from [OT], she has been exemplary, she has had the knack of ringing when I am down, she has listened and tried to resolve issues, a very big help.”

“You are like Mrs Santa.” (When client received equipment to help him return to golf which also served to improve range of movement and strength in his fractured ankle – he went on to win a competition!)

“If you [OT] had not been involved in pulling all of his treatment together I dread to think what might have happened to B.”

“Many thanks for the help and support you have given me….Showering now is a joy rather than a trial.”

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