About us

In 2000 a small group of independent occupational therapists started working to provide a non-adversarial vocational rehabilitation programme for personal injury claimants.  Since then the scheme has expanded to include people with severe injuries and complex needs.

In 2013 Independence Works became a company limited by guarantee, run for the benefit of its members on a not-for-profit basis.  It has directors who act in the role of trustees to ensure that the articles of association and membership terms are adhered to.

We all have

a minimum of 8-10 years’ post-qualification practice experience and an average of 10 years’ case management experience.

Members of Independence Works share a belief that occupational therapists make excellent case managers, due to the nature of their training, philosophy, and the professional roles that they occupy. Further information about both occupational therapy and case management are available here.

All the occupational therapists in the network maintain a varied portfolio of work which ensures that they retain professional independence and a familiarity with a broad range of working environments. Current areas of practice within the network include:

  • Assessments and interventions within the National Health Service (NHS) and local authority social services or housing departments.
  • Occupational therapy and case management for private clients with a mix of insurer, claimant solicitor and joint referrals.
  • Condition management and case management within the Department of Work and Pensions.
  • Ergonomic and access assessments for employers and service providers.
  • Assessments and interventions for other services and charities.
  • Rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation litigation reports.

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