We visit every client in their own home and arrange work, school or college visits as appropriate.

We design a specific rehabilitation programme with each client, tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Every aspect of the intervention is done with the client’s active involvement and builds towards a specific outcome. We aim to complete our involvement in each case within an appropriate timeframe – even in complex cases – and set regular reviews and progress targets.

We all are

experienced in dealing with a variety of work settings including industrial, agricultural, commercial and desk based sites in both rural and urban areas.

Once we have accepted a client’s case we expect to work with them all the way through to completion of rehabilitation. The client has continuity of care and all involved parties have direct access to us by phone and email. The occupational therapist /case manager is fully and personally accountable for progress and outcomes of rehabilitation. We are mindful of the medico-legal context in which we work and therefore try to make our intervention proportional to the seriousness of the injury sustained.

Our rehabilitation aims

  • To enable clients to achieve optimal restoration of function and personal independence.
  • To enable our clients to return to previous roles, paid employment or purposeful occupation.
  • For clients to have information about and appropriate access to statutory services and all other relevant resources.

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