What we do

Our services have been developed over a decade of collaborating on vocational rehabilitation.

We have

managed several thousand cases with the majority of the claimants successfully returning to work.

One of our OTs contacts you to arrange a telephone or video assessment and/or, if appropriate, a visit in your own home, workplace or place of education.

We find out what you can and can’t do at home and in your workplace/place of education, as well as how you feel about your present situation.

We talk to you about your current and past work or study and your hopes for the future.

We write you a report, which includes an action plan, usually within two weeks of our assessment.

Everyone concerned with your case can contact us directly by phone, email or letter.

We will work with you for as long as everyone agrees that our involvement is making a significant difference.

We keep everyone informed about your situation and recovery with a written report every three months, then write a closing summary when our involvement ends.

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