Vocational rehab

Vocational rehabilitation is the process of overcoming the barriers an individual faces when accessing, remaining in or returning to work following an injury, illness or impairment.

Open & clear

Open discussion and clear communication are essential components of vocational rehabilitation.

At the outset this process requires identifying specific barriers for our clients in their individual circumstances, followed by an action plan/return to work plan with practical and achievable steps. A worksite assessment is often carried out to identify the barriers in the workplace and recommendations are produced.

Open discussions and clear communication are essential during this phase of the process.  Discussions frequently takes place with the employer and occupational health departments, to ensure that all parties have a good understanding of the steps involved in the return to work plan.

The return to work plan is tailored to the client’s individual needs. Examples of steps in this process include re-training, work hardening/capacity building, reasonable adjustments in the workplace, disability awareness, condition management, confidence building and graded return to work programmes. 

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