Polly W

MA, Dip COT, MSc

Independent Occupational Therapist and Case Manager
Associate IW Member supervised by Sandra Rogers



Based in Bristol, Polly is an independent occupational therapist with over 20 years’ experience working in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors with both children and adults. Specialising in adult physical disability and treating clients with a broad range of disabilities, Polly’s main areas of expertise are spinal cord injury rehabilitation, wheelchairs and seating, and assistive technology. More recently, this has included a focus on computer access assessments for people with physical and cognitive impairments. Polly has undertaken voluntary work overseas and developed occupational therapy training programmes. She is confident managing complex cases, liaising with a variety of medical and non-medical professionals to ensure holistic treatment and provision of care.

Polly’s CV is available on request from Sandra Rogers.

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