Hannah H

Bsc Hons Occupational Therapy

Independent Occupational Therapist and Case Manager
Associate IW member supervised by Catherine Manley



Hannah is a HCPC registered occupational therapist based in Manchester with 16 years’ clinical and managerial experience in acute hospitals, specialist rehabilitation units and community settings in both NHS and Social Care.

Hannah’s clinical expertise is in physical health with a focus on neurology and she has worked extensively with adults following traumatic brain injury, stroke and long term neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Gullian-Barre Syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. She has clinical expertise in designing and delivering rehabilitation, health promotion and supporting people to achieve their functional goals when they are faced with the psychological, physical, emotional and environmental issues following their injury or disability. She also has extensive knowledge of specialist moving and handling equipment and techniques, cognitive assessments and assistive technology.

Hannah is highly skilled in multi-disciplinary team working and has experience in engaging a wide number of key stakeholders across the health, independent and employment sectors. She has an effective, empathetic communication style and have experience working as an accredited mentor. In addition to her clinical knowledge, Hannah has extensive managerial experience with a proven track record in carrying out effective supervision, training and service improvement.

Hannah’s CV is available on request from Catherine Manley.

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