Cath S

BSc Hons (OT)

Independent Occupational Therapist and Case Manager
Associate IW member supervised by Clare Hopkins



Based in North East Scotland, Cath has over 20 years public health experience in rehabilitation both in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has worked in a variety of hospital community settings, specialising in rehabilitation and roles in management.

Cath is experienced with working with clients with a various conditions, such as neurological (stroke, spinal injuries, Parkinson’s, dementia, multiple sclerosis, motor-neurone); orthopaedic, poly trauma, vascular, rheumatology and palliative care. She has a keen interest with problem solving, manual handling, rehabilitation and enabling individuals to achieve their goals whether this be with personal care, domestic, community tasks, work or leisure pursuits.

Cath’s CV is available on request from Clare Hopkins.

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